Facultative Programs


Horse slide

It is an icredible and unforgettable experience for everybody.


Palinka tasing evening

You can try 8-10 original different types of Transylvanian palinkas, the traditional Hungarian spirit.


Cheese tasting evening

You can try the wide range the local specialities.

Salt Mine Praid Parajdi-sóbánya

We invite you to try the unique climate of our salt mine! We reccomend it for everyone, but it is no secret that this unique microclimate helps in different diseases.The healthy people can benefit the relaxation, the beautified skin and the refreshment caused by our air composition.

Underground world

The underground visiting place is on “Level 50” which is on 120 m deep from the surface. The private transport of the people is with buses on a 1250 m long tunnel to the entrance gate of the visiting base. Arriving to the visiting level you can enjoy all of the benefits of a small village: illumination, Wi-Fi, television, playground for the children, creative and amusement places, ecumenical chapel, Coffee Shop, 3D Cinema and a naturist drugstore. All these are in mission to make your abstention full of mirth in a pleasant and extraordinary space. The average annually underground temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. On the exit way from the Visiting level at “Level 60” you can find the Lookout Point “Iosif Mine”. On the same level you can participate on wine tasting programme and you can serve your meal choosing from a rich menu of our restaurant. During a year our salt mine is visited by about 400 000 people. In summer period the number of entrances per day can be reached at 2500/3000 person. Also in summer time after your underground visit we are waiting you on a salty water swimming pool.


– pulmonary tuberculosis

– acute respiratory diseases

– hypertension (3rd phase)

– Ischemic Cardiomyopathy

– Basedow-Graves disease

– fainting neurological disorders

– neurological disorders with fainting

– claustrophobia

– advanced pregnancy

Gyilkos-t__ The legend of the Red Lake

Red Lake is a natural storage lake formed in 1837 located close to Hasmasul Mare mountain, near Gheorgheni. It is the largest natural mountain lake in Romania, formed by the waters caught by a crumbling flank of Mount Ghilcos. Its name comes from thered waters of the Red Creek which flows over the layers of red iron oxides and hydroxides.


It is said that the Red Lake or Killer Lake has got his waters reddened by the blood of those who dared to swim in its waters and were killed by a fierce dragon living there. The tree trunks coming out of water would be their desperate arms raised from under the water while drowning. Another legend speaks of the Red Lake formation: “On a stormy summer night when a large part of the mountain broke away from one of its sides and fell over some shepherds who were grazing sheep in the area. The reddish color of the lake is given by their blood that now arises from the bottom of the lake”…


A third legend says that a beautiful girl from the area fell in love with a nice lad that unfortunately had to leave her and go to the do his bit in the army. The girl promises to wait for him to return but is kidnapped by a robber and forced to marry him. The girl prayed to God to save her. Then, God starts a rain which flooded the area, droning the robber and forming the lake that we see today.


The Bicaz Gorge

The Bicaz Gorge (Romanian: Cheile Bicazului, Hungarian: Békás-szoros) is a gorge in Romania, located in the north-east part of the country, in Neamţ and Harghita counties; it is part of the Cheile Bicazului-Hășmaș National Park. The gorge was excised by the waters of Bicaz River and it serves as a passageway between the Romanian provinces of Moldova and Transylvania. It is a noted location to see the wallcreeper, an uncommon cliff-dwelling bird. The road along the 8 kilometres of ravines, often in serpentines with rock on one side and a sheer drop on the other, is one of the most spectacular drives in the country. Also within the gorge is Lacul Roşu (the Red Lake), with its traditional cabins, hotels, and its famous lake (situated at 980m altitude) caused by a landslide in the 19th century. Cheile Bicazului is one of the main rock climbing sites in Romania.

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