Our fleet

We have renewed our fleet in the winter of 2014-2015!

We started using 10 Polaris IQ snowmobiles ( 2011) and from the winter of 2015 we are going to use 10 Ski Doo 600 snowmobiles (2014)!

We have a unique fleet in Europe thanks for the 150 Hp strong Polaris, Yamaha and Ski-Doo snowmobiles whic are able to reach 160 HP. ( They have different charging.)

Some information about the machines

There are three types:

The basic snowmobiles with about 80HP, these are used for trips and their prices can be found in the price of the trips. These are Polaris Supersport 550, Polaris Classic 550, Ski Doo GSX 550, Arctic Cat 570 models.

The extra price category machines are very powerful )100-150 HP ) or very young ( models from 2011-2014.)

Int he xtra deepsnow category we have the following models: Polaris 800 RMK, SkiDoo 800.

The use of these machines must be discussed individually.

The machines are always in a perfect mechanical condition at the beginning of the trip!

Can we help you?

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