Important information- Clothes

Basic clothing advice for snowmobile trips

Many of you are interested in riding a motoribke or quad and are familiar with what to wear on a trip like this but just to be sure you can read some useful advice about the perfect outfit:

• at this this of the year the weather is very cold ont he mountain of Hargita which can mean minus 20 Celsius degree as well.unnamed

• you wll need skii clothes and 1-2 polar pullovers, winter boots, thick gloves ( the seats and the grip are heated)

• if you have your own helmet yiu can bring, it will be suitable during the trip.

• You always need to wear clothes which are suitable for the weather conditions. It is very important to wear more layers and never put on clothes made of cotton because they can amke you feel cold.

You will need:

unnamed1 • cap ( wool or goretex)
• sunglasses, ski glasses
• scarf
• gloves
• thick coat
• waterproof warm trousers
• waterprrof boots
• woolen socks

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