Our tours: Transylvania

Discover the beautiful Gyergyói-basin with its incredibly amazing and untouched natural enviroment!

Our accomodation can be found on the Eastern side of the Gyergyói-basin, halfway between Parajd and Gyergyószenmiklós, in an authentic village enviroment. In this area horse carriage is a very common mean of transport, people still use it for tarnsportation or for travelling every day. If you choose this trip you can travel back in time as well and didcover Hungary 50 yars ago. We provide a wide range of types of accomodation, you can choose from trunk house, wooden house or pension built from brick.You can find the most suitable type of accomodation even if you arrive with your family.

Our trip starts from village called Borzont, through Székelyvarság up to Bucsin mountain top. During the day we have a rest, you can have cold or hot lunch on the way ( according to the request of the group) and then we continue our trip till dusk. During the weekend you can choose your trip from a list of 20-30 routes according to the amount of snow, weather and the knowledge of the group members. The highest reachable peak is Mezőhavas, 1777 metre.

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